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Start a blog, showcase your portfolio, or grow your business online with a Chris Camp Designs web site design and redesign services.

Your goals drive the project

Services At-A-Glance

My clients rely on their websites to get found, express their opinions and ideas, share their services, and market to new or returning clients. Regardless of the industry, their target audiences are online. Along with a fresh new look your site, you’ll also get a helpful designer that picks up the phone, responds to emails, and makes the website design process easy for you.

Custom Website Design​

The websites I design can be simple, informational, and graphic driven or geared toward getting your business sales leads and generating revenue using eCommerce. Contact me today for a free consultation on your new site. 

Website Redesign

You might not need a completely new website. You may just need to update the style and the over-all look. I can take your current website can transform it into a stylish and cool, user-friendly lead generator that’s on-trend.

Mobile Optimization​

All web sites are created with mobile web traffic in mind. Over 50 percent of site viewers are finding you on their mobile phone, which is why your site has to look just as good on a phone as it does on a desktop monitor and tablet.

CMS Setup & Maintenance​

Using a content management system as a website solution provides maximum flexibility for adding and updating content, very user-friendly interface, and is adaptable to change with your business as it grows.


Search Engine Optimization is at the heart of every site I launch. Each website I design includes SEO to assist in getting your site found online and making sure the content in search engines reflects well upon your brand.

eCommerce Solutions​

Online stores turn your current website into a money-making machine. Easy to manage online stores that make the shopping experience a breeze for customer that ensure products fly off the shelf.

Google Analytics​

If you have a gmail account, a very powerful tool to use for collecting data on your website is Google Analytics. I can set up your account and apply it to your site for measure your advertising ROI as well as track your email marketing, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Google Tools Integration​

Existing or new Google tools added to your site gives you all of the user and viewer insights that are not available out of-the-box with basic websites. Tools include AdSense, AdWords, Translate, Webmaster Tools and Search Console, Tags Manager, Data Studio, and more!

Social Media Integration​

Add share buttons, like buttons, back-links, social media feeds, widgets, reviews, and events from any of your social media accounts to your site plus any marketing accounts from social media you may have like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Business Accounts.

Familiar Platforms & Skills

When you’re researching the right web hosting and a talent designer or agency, you’re not just getting someone who will make your site look good.

You’re getting a site with its own infrastructure, theme styles, goals, and functionality. But all of that can’t stand on its own. It needs to be set up or built on a reliable  platform with next to no downtime and simple UX/UI.

I code sites from scratch and work on the best and most common web design platforms in the industry. Some of them are simple, some are complex, and some are restrictive. None of those are necessarily good or bad qualities, and depending on what you want, they could be perfect for your business.

Every Website Includes:

Recent Website Design Work

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