Digital Marketing Services

Get Traffic To Your Site, Start A Conversation, And Get More Sales With Digital Marketing. Choose from options below to get started!

Now more than ever, businesses are advertising online and getting results!

I’m committed to helping my clients harness the power of digital marketing for their business. Now, more than ever, it’s important to advertise online. Get in front of your customers where they are, with a focus on driving results.

Why you need Digital Marketing?

  • Find New Customers
  • Brand Recognition
  • Advertise Your Business
  • Create a Following

The Three Phases of Digital Marketing

As I get to know and understand your business, I can develop digital marketing strategy that helps move the customer through the decision making process. This process is planned out in three steps:

Brand Awareness Marketing Channels
Social Media
Search Engines
Apparel / Uniforms

The initial goal is to get your brand out there by using online ads is to get people to recognize a service or a product.

Social Media
Search Engines
Email Marketing
Direct Email Contact

Your new viewers have not yet taken the steps to purchase or to convert to a customer. It’s here you want to win them over with by showing them the value in your service or product.

Make a Purchase
Email Submission
Phone Call
Request for a Quote

Someone is interested in what you provide and want to know more or work with you. In this part of the process, you’ll see which actions were successful by tracking the traffic and actions of the viewers in Google Analytics.

Social Media Advertising is Based on Your Budget.

Drive traffic to your site, generate leads, and increase website conversions by use social media advertising to spread the word about your brand, products or services on your budget.

Social Media Advertising Services Include​:

Digital Marketing Services

Reach more relevant audiences, get traffic to your website, blogs, articles, videos, apps, and increase awareness, leads and sales all on your budget with Google Ads. 

Go beyond boosting posts and utilize the massive audiences that are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more with social media advertising. 

SEO today is not about getting as much traffic as possible, but instead attracting high-value visitors interested in what you offer. Each website I design includes SEO to assist in getting your site found online, but adding keywords targets your audience.

I utilize digital advertising platforms like Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to drive consistent content, and paid traffic to your site. Let us deliver results by managing your online advertising.

Existing or new Google tools added to your site gives you all of the user and viewer insights that are not available out of-the-box with basic websites. Tools include AdSense, AdWords, Translate, Webmaster Tools and Search Console, Tags Manager, Data Studio, and more!

Add share buttons, like buttons, back-links, social media feeds, widgets, reviews, and events from any of your social media accounts to your site plus any marketing accounts from social media you may have like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Business Accounts.

I write content to help tell your story online, developing content focused  on boosting your organic rankings and give your web users a way to learn about your services or products. We’ll also work with you to understand the visuals that would best promotes your brand. Rely on me for logo design and graphic art.

Start nourishing your followers with consistent, on-brand email marketing and email reminders / newsletters. As your mailing list grows, each subscriber becomes a potential conversation which will lead to a sale, convert an interest viewer into an online sale, or a return customer.