Migrate Your WordPress Website for Free (Up to 512MB)

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The time has come. You have decided to move your WordPress website to another hosting company, and you don’t want make any mistakes.

Sadly, migrating a WordPress website can be an aggravating task that might end up costing you time and money. Especially if you’re doing it on your own / Googling the best way to do this.

With a WordPress site, it’s not as simple as just copying and pasting files from one FTP server onto another. And whether or not your site’s being transferred from different remote servers, between a development or staging server to production, or from a live site to a local server, there’s a chance an error can occur and skyrocket your blood pressure. It’s annoying. Plus, hosting providers like GoDaddy and BlueHost offer migration services that can cost up to $150 after taxes. And even then. the transfer is not a perfect transition. Something is always off about it or something needs to be updated or content is missing. For a while I blamed myself. I thought to myself, “What am I doing wrong?” Until I saw all of the people who have experienced the same thing on all of the WordPress support forums and blogs.

So, what’s the best way to do this in your opinion?

After many, many sites being moved from one server to another and looking for a better solution to this process, I came across a plugin that has made this process incredibly simple.

Behold, the easiest way to migrate your WordPress Site from one site to another (in my opinion and experience). The All-In-One WP Migration from ServMask. This plugin will download your entire site and compress it into a single file which can be imported into another WordPress site as an exact duplicate. This entire process takes about 10 minutes and will save you a ton of time when migrating your WordPress site. AND GUESS WHAT?! If your site is less than or equal to 512MB, you don’t have to pay for any plugin upgrades! Their extension plugin is free too. Over 512MB you gotta pay, but most small business websites I has worked on are normally no larger that 400MB upon migration time.

Here’s a video from ServMask’s Youtube account showcasing the plugin in action followed by instructions on how to add it to your site and start using it.


Step One: Install the Plugin

First things first. When you’ve purchased hosting for the new site, download this plugin on both sites your exporting the data from and the site your importing it to. 

Login as an admin and go to Plugins > Add New in the left side dashboard menu. Search for “All in one WP Migration” in the top right search field, when it appears on the screen, click “Install Now” and then “Activate”. If you downloaded the plugin file and want to do the ol’ drag and drop, click the upload plugin button at the top right of the new plugin screen. After uploading the plugin zip file, active it and you’re that much closer to moving your site.

Step Two: Export Your Site

Look on the dashboard menu for the “All-in-One WP Migration” option, click and load up the plugin features. Then select “Export”. On the Export page, a drop down will appear when you click EXPORT TO and you’ll want to pick FILE. The other options are premium features that you have the option to pay for.

When your file is created, a large download button will appear. Click that, download it, and move on over to the other WordPress site.

Step Three: Import Your Site

BE WARNED: If you are overriding an existing WordPress site using this plugin and you don’t want to lose your content, back it up before you import. Head over to your other WordPress website that will be receiving this exported data and have the All-In-One Migration plugin opened and set to import. Notice in the image below, I have a maximum upload file size of 512MB. This is because I downloaded and added the extension plugin to the site, I am importing my migration file to. Otherwise, they’ll ask you to pay for an upgrade or to get the extension to bump up your upload file size. From here, click IMPORT FROM and select FILE.

After a few minutes, your site will import into the site and you’ll receive a message about overriding the existing content. Another pop-up will appear when the upload is finished asking you to override the current site files and continue. Click CONTINUE and you’re on to the last step. 

Step Four: Update Your Permalinks

Your site is now total migrated over to the other WordPress website. That’s it. The last step is to update your permalinks. The permalinks are in the site’s settings, and the migration plugin will have a pop-up linking to them.

Within the Permalinks section for the site’s Settings, click “Save Changes”. Do this twice, then your done. own change anything on here, just “Save Changes.” Done.

Why share all this info you may ask?

I don’t work for or have any affiliation with ServMask or anything like that, I just can’t express enough how much this plugin has made life easier for so many people working on the WordPress platform and wanted to share my experience. So, if you’re migrating one WordPress site to another, use this plugin.