Logo Design & Branding Services

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A great logo communicates your unique characteristics, services, and values at a glance. I help bring out the essence of what your business or organization is about and what you offer to the with relevant, on-trend branding, websites, apparel, and printed material along with exciting visual expressions and continuity across all media.

Logo Design Services Include

How It Works

From concept to completion in as little as 10 days.

The initial logo design consultation covers the overall direction, including colors, shapes, graphics, possible fonts, and concepts of your desired look and feel.

I will begin sketching and converting the best of the bunch into vector illustrations of the working concept of your logo and create draft designs for you to review.

After your draft designs are submitted, the reviewing and editing process to refine the logo begins. Client often pick just one idea for refinement, and sometimes they’ll run two or three just to see where they go. There is no cap on the amount of revisions for your logo. When the final logo is chosen, it is prepared for the client in vector, transparent background, and static formats.

All important logo applications are designed and standardized in a guidelines book, known simply as Brand Guide. The Brand Guide shows how to work with the logo and sets standards for layout, color, imagery and typography guidelines for marketing materials. This way companies make sure your identity is protected and guided by the same principles even when they switch printers, designers, or agencies.


You're In Good Company!

Here are a few businesses and brands I developed a logo for. If you're ready to get a new logo for your brand or business, contact me today!